As you may have already sensed, TPL is far from a corporate pressure-cooker. We’re not looking to create a database of thousands of educators, we want to get to know you and make best-fit matches — personality, expertise, and passion.  We don’t insist on a one-approach-tries-to-fit-all-but-doesn’t-really or force our curriculum as the best solution, there’s a lot of excellence out there to blend, so while you’ll always have support behind the scenes we empower our team with the creative freedom to truly make services customized.

Generally you’ll find our educational philosophy is a balance of both traditional and progressive best practices as we respect the brilliance in both camps and try to incorporate both appropriately. Our multi-passionate tutors and consultants are not only exceptional teachers they are dedicated mentors. We believe an educator mentor takes a holistic approach to teaching + learning by focusing on the whole individual, their interests, strengths, areas of improvement, their social emotional development and so on. Then through this they deliver content in a personally meaningful way.

Additionally, speaking of engagement, no matter the age we see play as the essential connector between teaching and learning. Whether through discovery, creative delivery of instruction, or more literally an interactive activity, we do our best to infuse sessions with a professionally playful spirit. So throw out the stuffy and get ready to harness that inner child-like wonder and enthusiasm. 

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Average % of Earnings Paid to Staff



“TPL has been my most positive experience so far. Everyone involved is equipped and enthusiastic about learning. I feel completely supported. It’s an honor to work with such dedicated teachers. I love TPL!”- TPL Tutor
 <tear> We love you too!
  • A genuine passion for education and working with people of all ages. An ability to think outside the box and bring their own twist to teaching and learning.
  • The ability to break down information clearly and scaffold teaching based on the student’s/family’s needs. Comfortability with the micro (organization, prep, etc.) as well as the macro (big picture planning, a variety of pedagogy, etc.). 
  • A dedication to service and personal investment in each student/family on your roster. We’re a go the extra mile with a smile kind of company.
  • Ability to communicate professionally and compassionately with all parties involved. This includes our students, their families, their teachers, and any outside service providers. 
  • Some logistical pieces: a college degree or higher, experience working with students, current TB test (can be done after the interview), a clean criminal record, and reliable transportation as many of services requested are in the home.
  • A genuine passion for education and the task at hand. While degree of collaboration with other staff varies, our consultants need to be highly motivated self-starters.
  • The ability to break down information clearly and scaffold services based on clients needs. Comfortability managing the micro (organizational, paperwork, assessments, etc.) as well as the macro of education projects (big picture objectives, planning, etc.).
  • A dedication to service and personal investment in each client on your roster. Excellent skills in developing and maintaining relationships with all stakeholders involved.
  • Ability to communicate professionally and compassionately with all parties. This includes clients, team members, and outreach with potential project partners.  
  • Some logistical pieces: a bachelor degree or higher please, appropriate licenses/certifications, experience and references in your field, and a clean criminal record. Portfolios are also appreciated.

1. A Little One Specialist: PK-5th grade all subjects
2. Academic Coach with experience in executive functioning and study skills support.
3. High-level Math (Algebra-Calculus)
4. High-level Science (Bio, Chem, Physics, Astronomy, etc.)
5. Test Prep (HSPT, ISEE, SAT, ACT especially)

**Special Needs, 2E, and Homeschool Experience Appreciated.