At first glance, the educational landscape of today makes about as much sense as herding cats.  Whether public, private, or homeschool, it’s a minefield of reviews, comparison charts, google search marathons, lotteries, and applications. Not to mention the melting pot of teaching pedagogy and supplemental resources. If you’re excited by this, we’re two peas in a pod. If this sounds overwhelming, worry not. Together we aim to save you time, energy, and make important decisions easier to weigh with tailored recommendations and support.

Our educational consulting services offer a full spectrum of support: at a minimum pointing you in the right direction, roadmap included and, on the other, collaborating hand-in-hand until your goals are met. During the initial consultation we listen to your goals, timelines, budgets, etc. then we mix + match services to provide a customized proposal for consideration. Additionally, we often provide recommendations and referrals that include third parties. Our mission is to help your family find YOUR perfect combination of support, with or without us. A little of this, a sprinkle of that, and all with highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to you and your child’s success.


K-12 School Placement + Admissions // College Counseling // Homeschooling: From Getting Started to Transitioning Out // Educational Therapy + Executive Functioning Coaching // Students with Exceptionalities Support // Leadership Coaching // Parent Teacher Training // Learning Space Design // 21st Century Tech Training // Curriculum Vetting and/or Creation



You have the big picture wish list in your head, and need some guidance on making it happen. Our hearts just skipped a beat. We LOVE helping you with next steps. Choose any topic from the A La Carte Menu above or from our packages below. Typically the structure includes a 1-2 hour consultation and a personalized implementation guide to use as a roadmap moving forward.


Our college-bound package is a holistic diagnostic of all things college counseling. A little test prep, some soul searching, and a personalized step-by-step guide so your teen is ready to hit the ground running. This is for the self-starter family who needs a road-map springboard. *If you’d like more comprehensive support, please contact us for our group workshop schedule and/or private counseling services.


  • Private in-person 2hr consultation with a consultant and 1 follow-up coaching call.
  • Advising in forming your school choices.
  • Personalized road-map of the full four years of high school complete with monthly breakdown of action items aligned to your goals. You’ll love how simple we make it look!
  • Test Prep (SSAT, ACT, and/or SAT) diagnostic mock exam, results report, and tailored recommendations.

Would you like tailored recommendations for designing a productive work environment all will love? From color theory to furniture to organizational strategies we’ll create the master plan complete with a 3D rendering of your space.


  • 1 hour in-person consultation to see space and discuss goals
  • Space Design Mock-ups (3D Renderings + Mood-board)
  • Final Design selection and Implementation Plan
  • If you would like TPL to bring the plan to life as well, we can provide an additional proposal to make it happen.

Our most popular all-inclusive package takes a smattering from many of our educational consulting packages and rolls it into one. This is meant to provide a holistic view of your homeschool program. Specifics will vary depending on your goals; however, generally may include: homeschooling how-to guidance (even all those seemingly overwhelming administrative tasks), curriculum suggestions, academic advising, lesson planning support, space design, organization tips, and more!


  • 2 hour in-person Consultation (and assessments if appropriate)
  • Follow-up Implementation Guide

Whether you want some “teacher training” to better support your children after school, or you’re a homeschooling parent mapping out the year, our private coaching session is just the ticket.


  • 2 hour in-person or online coaching session
  • Individualized professional development
  • Lesson plan organization + Design (Year, Month, and/or Daily TBD)
  • Teaching + Learning Strategies
  • Curated curriculum resource suggestions
  • Academic Advising
  • Final Design and Implementation Plan


TPL’s “Help Desk” service provides the comfort of knowing you have a knowledgeable and objective educational ear available 24/7 for the questions swimming around in your head. Let us be your sounding board, your private educational curator, and overall happiness hero. Our educational jacks and jonies-of-all-trades are honored to be your guide on the side and are standing by. $99/mo (month-to-month contract).


If you or your child is in need of ongoing support, we’re here for you. We are passionate about creating a unique program of wraparound services designed specifically for your family. Whether it’s a one-two-punch of educational consulting + tutoring, or a deep dive of our a la carte menu, during your initial consultation we’ll discuss your goals, what services you want to blend, and we’ll provide a customized proposal for consideration. Dream big! We can’t wait to help you make it happen.


Custom Proposal Provided

Our Executive Functioning package is for the learner (child or parent) who needs coaching with organization, time management, and/or study skills. Alongside a compassionate mentor, master the skills to complete the task at hand efficiently and with confidence.

May Include:

  • Number of coaching sessions to be determined
  • Learning style and personality assessment
  • Personalized organization strategies and resources
  • Note-taking 101
  • Test taking tips
  • Stress management
  • Goal setting workshop
  • Focusing + self-discipline exercises

Custom Proposal Provided

Learning by nature is limitless and these days so are your options. Our specialists will provide your family 360 support while searching for, applying to, and deciding on a best fit school. We currently provide placement and admissions guidance for K-12 schools, online schools, and college counseling.

May Include:

  • Private in-person consultations
  • Curated school lists aligned to your preferences
  • School Tour Guide + Interview Practice
  • Test Prep guidance + tutoring
  • Learner assessments
  • Classroom observations
  • Portfolio development
  • Application review + essay support
  • Academic coaching support

Custom Proposal Provided

From non-profit executives to our future leader teens, we’ve had the privilege of serving leaders of all ages. Generally our curriculum includes a unique toolbox of tailored strategies, resources, and training to develop each leader within. Our aim is to provide a supportive learning space where all leaders can discover, practice, and ultimately integrate these skills into their respective responsibilities. Available as private sessions or taught as a group, workshop style. Just let us know what you need during the consultation.

May Include:

  • Personalized training with a dedicated coach
  • Know Thyself: Reflection + Self-development Plan
  • Understanding + Navigating Personality Types
  • Problem Solving + Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management + Organization
  • Communication, Public Speaking, and Branding
  • SMART Goal Setting + Strategic Planning Made Easy
  • Popular leadership concepts around Growth Mindset, Design Thinking, and Habits of Highly Effective People.