Indy Rishi Singh is a consummate innovator, avid student, and instructor with a Biological Sciences degree and 2+ years of medical from UC Davis. These studies contribute to his success as a great science and math teacher. Indy’s background in education also extends to test prep experience from teaching SAT/ACT classes for a diverse range of students, helping them achieve goals and standards translatable to both the test and other areas of study. Indy is also an avid writer and reader, artist, mentor, seeker, and nurturer who creates a source of inspiration for anyone seeking adventure, passion and enterprise. This leads to a broad range of interests and experiences. Indy traveled to the Himalayas to learn Ayurveda (an ancient Eastern medicine) and subsequently began a journey into digital media and filmmaking. He is also a tireless lightworker who seeks peace and encourages open dialogue with people from all walks of life. He helped build Studio 29 and Studio 2012: two spaces that inspire young and old talent to gather, learn, edit, write, and produce. Indy’s diverse experience allows him to be an excellent communicator and an effective storyteller, all of which contributes to his dynamic, unique tutoring practice.