Celeste received her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of San Francisco and is currently working on her MSc in Philosophy of Epistemology, Ethics, and Mind. She is scheduled to complete her thesis and degree from the University of Edinburgh in Spring 2017. Celeste is a Los Angeles native who spent time living in the Bay Area, Colorado, and Chicago. She has experience mentoring and tutoring in all of these various locations. Celeste specializes in essay writing to help students with their college application essays. She also tutors a variety of academic subjects including reading comprehension, writing, AP U.S. history, and algebra. Some of Celeste’s other areas of interest included studying self-identity/knowledge, political philosophy, and neuroplasticity and their intersection within cognitive science. She loves to travel to new cities, see live music, read mostly science fiction novels, and learn as much about the brain as possible when she’s not studying or tutoring.